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Raze Youth programs are designed for youth age 6-17 and offers youth opportunities for self expression through our after school and Summer programs.   Our plan is to offer programming during those crucial hours after traditional after school program hours have ended.  These are the evening hours when children and youth are most vulnerable to peer person, experiencing negative social activities or simply being home alone because parents work evening or night time hours.    We want to bridge that gap time so that our community can fully serve our children, youth and families.

Kids Running
Music Class
Makeup Photoshoot


Our students will have lots of fun exercising, competing in games and challenges that promote health, wellness and teamwork. 


Students will learn the basic of music theory and enjoy vocal lessons.  They will also learn basic music recording and engineering. 


Media will help our children to navigate through an ever changing and advancing world of information and entertainment. This class will go from magazine editing to developing and launching podcasts. 

Broadcast Video Camera
dancing in purple pants


You don't have to be a genius to operate a camera nor do you need to be in Hollywood to start in a movie.  This course will teach students camera operations, film writing and give our youth opportunities to express their creativity through film. 


One of our most loved classes is our performing arts class in which students will learn dance styles, participate in drama skits, and be taught the use of camera, video editing and more.  

See more about Raze Dance 


Many kids shy away from their high school musical or stage play.  However, we will give our students the freedom to create ,produce and direct their own stage play.  From costume design, set building and performing this course has been one to foster team building and leadership skills.  

Students in Cafeteria
Basketball Game
Young Chef

Lipstick Dreams

  Girls will will learn entrepreneurial skills from developing business strategies, product design, marketing and sales, public speaking, television interviews etc.

To The Rim

Our To the Rim basketball program incorporates, tournaments, basketball camps, skill development and promotes the family unit and our youth learn the importance of oneness in building teams. 


We will teach our youth basic life skills in preparation for the work force.  Some students will be given and opportunity for internship, mentoring and employment referrals. 

Teen study group
Tutoring Session
School Break

Behavior Health Services

  Our community partnerships will link parents and children with mental health services to youth engaging in at-risk behaviors, including drug and alcohol abuse that could lead to school failure and delinquency (teaching refusal skills, social skills and decision-making skills, and the enhancement of self-esteem).


Our volunteers who work in the field of education are there to help our students thrive in every area including in their academics. If your child needs help in a particular subject, we will be happy to connect them with the support that they need. 

School Liaison Component

A liaison staff shall maintain contact and linkages with classroom teachers, counselors and administrators to monitor student’s academic growth.

The district police inspector talking with teens about safety on the road..jpg

Youth Police Initiative (YPI)

  Our Mayor has agreed to partner with Raze Youth Programs in an effort to change the narrative when it comes to youth and police relationships in our community.  We will do this through informal setting and events.  .

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