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Youth Conference


Forward Focus provides youth who are in the juvenile justice system due to minor offenses opportunities for personal growth and development by providing life enhancement programs that support positive life choices, build strong community involvement, and launch future dreams 

All Raze Youth Programs and Components are available to qualified youth within the juvenile justice system to provide them with experiences that are different from traditional juvenile justice experiences. 


Our programs are powerful diversions with the primary goal of reducing costly out-of-home placements.  Raze Youth Forward Focus Programs are designed to  address delinquent behavior informally in the community in an effort to prevent subsequent offending.  Along with are regular program curriculum we also have specialized programs to better meet the needs of youth with mental health and/or substance abuse concerns. These additional services include:

  • Education and tutorial services

  • Victim awareness classes and activities

  • Community Service opportunities

  • Substance use education and counseling

  • Job skills training

  • Crisis intervention 

  • Family counseling

  • Supports for rebuilding family relationships

  • Dream Building/Career Goals 

  • Personal Development,

  • Education Management 



Forward Focus is open to any youth ages 13-18 referred by Allegheny County Juvenile Probation (informal adjustment, consent decree, or adjudicated youth).





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