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Advancing a generation through EXPRESSION

About RAZE

Raze Youth is a program sponsored by Greater Hope Restoration Ministries who is committed to providing a quality programs to youth in and around Southwestern Pennsylvania. 


All children are not at risk and all at-risk students are not from urban areas. However, all children benefit from quality youth programs.   Statistics show that after-school programs have positive effects on academic success, social and emotional behavior, and provide opportunities for enrichment for all types of children no matter what their economic, social or geographical background may be.


It is a well-known fact that self-expression is key to developing identity, confidence and a sense of belonging.  However many youth have not found healthy and positive forms or outlets for self expression.  This often breeds frustration and opens the door for unhealthy behaviors and activities  in and effort to find ones self in an ever changing world.  Self expression through the arts, media, athletics is a form of communication that will help our students express what they want and expect out of life and it will help them to make steps toward achieving those goals.  Goals which can be both measurable and attainable.

As the CEO of Greater Hope Restoration Ministries "GHRM", I have first hand knowledge of how an after school program that focuses on the arts and media technology can transform the lives of children who have struggled with school attendance, disciplinary problems, unsafe home conditions and such much more.  I am not a novice to after school programing and have well over 10 years of experience in program development. Many of the students for our programs have gone on to higher education, earned college degrees, now have careers in the medical field while others have experienced transformations in behavior and positive community involvement and many are now volunteering in GHRM outreach programs.  

Our program works because it is founded on and centered in love, acceptance and support for our students. 

Anne-Marie Dean                                      

Case Manager 

Abraxas Workbridge 

2840 Liberty Ave. 

Suite 300 

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

During the past couple of years I have always had positive experiences working closely with their staff especially Pastor Theresa Baker and Pastor Cheryl Ross-Jones. They have helped several of the juveniles in our program complete their court ordered community service hours. Many places were hesitant to take on such a partnership but they embraced the challenge and worked extremely hard to help those in their community. They not only provided the kids with structure, a sense of purpose, and a sense of accomplishment during their involvement but gave them guidance and built relationships that were sustained after the community service was completed. They were always available and willing to take on new kids, very flexible in their scheduling and just an overall joy to work with. They truly are a blessing to their community and would work tirelessly to help in any way they could. 


Juan Perez

Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania

 I have known Carlos Hudson for the past six years through my position at the Carnegie Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Hudson has served in various of capacities at the Boys & Girls Club. He has volunteered coaching and with other program activities.  He has always shown an ability to connect with young people through his inviting personality and ability to connect with youth and adults.  Carlos has also provided several programs for the teens in the community through his work with Greater Hope Restoration Ministries.  He has been able to provide a caring and nurturing environment for the teens in his group.  He is a positive role model for the youth, especially those who lack a male figure in their life.  In my time knowing Mr. Hudson he has shown to be a constant professional who is willing to do whatever it takes to improve the lives of young people and his community.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.


What are some issues does RAZE tackles? 


Hopelessness is a state of mind and never a condition.  We strive to help redirect these thoughts to purpose, freedom and fulfillment. 

Drug Addition

We provided drug and alcohol services through our Freedom Recovery Group and partnerships with other resource centers


Through our partnerships with 412 Food Rescue, South Hill Meals on Wheels and local stores, we are able to provide hot meals and healthy snacks to all youth who enter our program as well as provide groceries to their families. 


Our program is dedicated to building families by forging strong bonds between our students and their parents or siblings.  Family is where life begins.  Building and cultivating strong family relationships builds strong communities. 


Our Mentorship program comes through GHRM's Power-Up Men's Ministry which allows our young men to be paired with an adult male who will walk them into stability. 

Mentorship opportunities are also open to the general public.

Juvenile Justice

We are actively involved in working with youth within the juvenile justice system and have seen success in turning these young lives around.   Our approach to diversion not only reduces repeat behaviors but instills hope and and sense of self-empowerment in the minds of our youth. 



Pastor Cheryl Jones-Ross

Board Member

Tyonna Singleton

Board Member

Theresa Baker

Board Member

Glenn Schillo

Board Member

Dr. Carl Denson

Board Member

Marsha Seaton

Board Member

Carolyn Ross

Board Member

Charlise Smith

Board Member

Dejeana Rawlins

Board Member

Curtis Copeland Jr.

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